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Terms & Conditions

1. TIME-LINE: Due to our performers having strict schedules, the client’s party time line

must coordinate with When You Wish Entertainment’s entertainment schedule. This

includes serving lunch/cake. (see #4)

2. OVERTIME: Client must abide by When You Wish Entertainment’s time frame. A

client must refrain from disrupting a performer’s start time, nor delay them from leaving.

Failure to comply will result in the client being billed $2 per minute. If you decide during

your party that you need more time, please speak to the party host in attendance, we

may be able to stay an additional 30 minutes to 1 hour. In this case the $75.00 per half

hour charge will be due immediately, CASH ONLY

3. CHILDREN’S BEHAVIOR: When You Wish Entertainment’s performers are hired as

performers ONLY. Our performers are refined actors and not trained child care

providers. As such, clients must monitor any disruptive guest’s behavior. If a child (or

adult) becomes unruly, disruptive or abusive towards the entertainer or the party host, a

warning will be issued to the host parent. If this continues we reserve the right to leave

the party (No refund given). There can be absolutely no hitting the entertainer or their

party host! The SAFETY of our employees is our #1 priority.

4. LUNCH/CAKE: We ask that you have lunch before or after the character

performance, and cake at the end. All of our costumes are elaborately made; custom

creations and some food/cake on little fingers can and will fatally damage a costume.

5. CRAFTS: Please notify us if glues and paints will be used which can damage a

costume. Please refrain from doing any crafts that require paints, colored markers,

PERMANENT markers, glitter etc. until the performer leaves your party. These types of

"creative tools" can completely ruin the custom fabric and wigs.

6. TRAFFIC: Here at When You Wish Entertainment, we do our best to ensure that our

performers are on time for your event. Therefore, please notify us of any unusual traffic

situations in your area that may have a negative impact on a performer reaching your

destination on time. (i.e. construction, detours, parades, SuperDome or Smoothie King

Center traffic, gate codes or a highway or road that may have a lot of traffic etc.) This

will help in making sure your performer is at your event on time. If you live in a gated

community please provide us with the gate code.

7. DEPOSIT AND BALANCE PAYMENT: A 50% Non-Refundable deposit is due upon

booking. Your date and time can not be secured until this happens. Once your deposit

payment has cleared, we will then add you to our performance calendar. 2 weeks prior

to your party date, your remaining balance is due (we will send you a friendly reminder).

A 5% late fee will be applied to late payments. We can not show up to a party/event unless the

party/event is paid in full (no later than 48 hrs prior to the appearance date, or appearance will be canceled). We cannot/will not accept a balance payment on the date of the party/event.

Remember: If you decide to add time to a party that is "in progress" we require that

cash be paid to the party host before the additional time can be provided (assuming our schedule allows the added time).

8. OUTDOOR AND PARK PARTIES: Performers must be shaded and hydrated for all

outdoor parties where the temperature is hot. A performer must be kept out of any

muddy, thorny areas and away from standing water.

9. WEATHER: Performers are not permitted outside while it is raining, where it is wet or

exceeding 100 degrees. If you are having your event outdoors in the summer months,

to prevent heat-related illness please make sure that there is plenty of cool shade



ETC..): The client agrees to inform When You Wish Entertainment of any other party

entertainment or of the presence of a bounce house that the client may be using (no other

character companies may be present at parties or events while we our characters are present).

Note: Although these things can be an added attraction to one’s event, they can be a

major distraction for the performer during story time and classes. The client agrees that

a bounce house will need to be off-limits to children during a performer’s story time and

the client will provide assistance in making this happen. We want your child to get the

full experience while we are at the party.

11. CANCELLATIONS: Once we receive your deposit, we will reserve your desired date

and time. In the event you have to cancel or reschedule (before our 2 week prior policy),

we will retain your deposit and gladly work with you to find an alternate party date (based

on availability). Alternate party dates must be scheduled within a 6 month period. In the

event you cancel or reschedule after paying your total balance (that is due

2 weeks prior to your party), your entire deposit and balance paid will be retained or we

will gladly work with you to reschedule your party for a later date. If you choose to cancel or reschedule your appearance within 7 days of the party date (not related to weather), your deposit will be forfeited, however the remaining 50% may be applied to an appearance within the 6 month time period. 

     *Appearances canceled by the client  due to weather or positive covid case within the household 24hrs prior to the scheduled appearance will be allowed 6 months to reschedule without penalty.  However, if the appearance is canceled DAY OF but prior to performer and host leaving for the appearance, the 50% deposit will be forfeited and the remaining 50% will be held and may be credited towards an appearance within 6 months.  Once our host and performer are on their way or have arrived at the party location, if weather makes the appearance impossible, or the client cancels for another reason, full payment is forfeited.         

12. PERFORMER GUARANTEE: Upon booking, we will do our best to guarantee a

certain performer & character. However, booking is not fully guaranteed as illnesses or

personal situations can arise. If your scheduled performer is not able to make it, we will

do our best to replace him/her with another performer as the character you requested.

Please note that not all of our performers sing. So if you request a singing performer

and she falls ill, we cannot guarantee that we can replace her with another singing


13. CHANGES TO YOUR RESERVATION: All requested changes must be submitted in

writing to Changes will not be made until we

respond back to you with acknowledgement. If you need a quicker response, please

feel free to call us at 504-208-HERO. Please note that Sat-Sun are “on call” hours as

we are doing parties, so you may not get a quick response on those days.

14. COVID PRECAUTIONS:  Due to the ever changing nature of this virus, we are doing our best to take 

necessary precautions to protect both our clients, their guests, and our performers and hosts.  Please note that at this time, our performers and hosts may still wear masks for indoor appearances.  We come in contact with as many as 100+ adults and children every weekend, so this is for the safety of all involved.

*As a note, tipping our performers for doing a great job is not required, but always appreciated!!!

See FAQ’s on our website for more details.

Imagination is the true magic carpet.

- Norman Vincent Peale


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